WordPress New Graphical Charter help: 


WordPress Old Graphical Charter

  • The new graphical charter has required us to create a new help site for it
  • The two sites (One with the 2010 graphics and the other with the new graphical charter) will be up as long as there exists sites using them
  • Both sites have the same information, there is thus no reason to have to go to one or the other to find certain information

WordPress at EPFL

  • WordPress enables you to create pages, in one or more languages, below a homepage. It is also possible to create posts for a blog.
  • The site’s navigation system, together with its appearance, adheres to the EPFL graphic charter.
  • Content editing of a site does not require any particular software, just use a browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) and login using your EPFL authentication.
  • Editing rights are managed via Accred.
  • Maintenance and support (user assistance) are provided by the VPSI and its Service Desk. WordPress is part of IT services catalogue.

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